Dreams of A Winner

Shaun Chrisjohn | 6/10/2012 |

After a brief hiatus from music and now on his grind more than ever Hip-Hop artist Trel Mack is back. As of right now the latest news is that Trel Mack released his new single Dreams Of A Winner online May 21st, which will be on his new EP, Inspired by Greatness. Speaking briefly on the hiatus the Philly bred emcee explains, “I was on my grind like crazy a few years ago back when I dropped Mack Of The Year and The New Dynasty that was all over online in 2007-2008. Then there were just a few setbacks with things in my personal life. All those things that I’ve experience will be heard on the new EP and I’ve grown stronger as an artist.” 

For those that follow Trel Mack, many took notice of his comeback after seeing that he was featured on up-n-coming R&B/Pop artist Shaun Chrisjohn new single, Heart On The Floor, that is featured right now on many of the top music blogs/publications out. 

Trel Mack runs his own independent label Street Knowledge Entertainment and just released Dreams Of A Winner on iTunes, which also features Shaun Chrisjohn. Speaking on the chemistry with Shaun Chrisjohn, Trel says, “After he reached out to me to do Heart On The Floor, I just knew we was going to work even more. His voice is amazing and I love working with artist that make great music. We are going to make billboard music baby. SKE is the new label and the movement has just now begun, inspired by greatness baby.” 

Dreams Of A Winner, produced by Tony Sway, is basically a concept where in life you are not living your passion and have that constant urge to get back to doing what you love best, according to Trel Mack.

Source: YORAPS

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